For a better gaming experience, we advices you to flip your smartphone
So you want to become a Phapztar? First of all, congratulationh, because you already made the first step, by reading these lines. What else does it need to solve the game? Honestly? Actually not really much, just a little bit of imagination and a good eye (and we do not mean your vision:)).
The goal is to recognize what the image is all about you reveal pixel by pixel. As soon as you reveal a pixel (you can leave it up to coincidence, or choose yourself which pixel you wish to open) you have 10 seconds, to provide your answer. In case it is the right one, you will receive the actual amount of points from the pot immediately, your credits will be refilled and 10 € Cent will be credited to you.
What are points and what can I do with them?
At a later time you will be able to make terrific things.

What are hints?
Hints offer a little help assistance, which will make it easier for you to find the right answer.

What can I do with the won money?
You cna cash out the won money.

Is there any kind of ranking, highscores or something else?
Until now, no, but the plan is to integrate this as soon as possible. As soon as an integration took place, many things will await you, so keep your eyes open and stay tuned.